Acción Diferida para Jóvenes - Deferred Action for Dreamers

English:  On June 15, 2012, President Obama announced that young immigrants who entered the country without authorization before the age of 16 can qualify for an immigration relief benefit known as "Deferred Action".  An applicant who is granted deferred action will not be deported and qualifies for a work permit renewable every two years.  Find other free community workshops and forums: CLICK HERE to download.

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Español:  El 15 de junio de 2012, el Presidente Obama dio a conocer que los jóvenes inmigrantes indocumentados que habían entrado al país antes de cumplir los 16 años podrían calificar para un beneficio migratorio conocido como "acción diferida".  Calificar para acción diferida significa que el joven ya no puede ser deportado y además puede recibir un permiso de trabajo por dos años.

Encuentre otros talleres, foros, orientaciones en la comunidad: Encuéntrala AQUI.  

Más detalles y documentos informativos en la Sección en Español.

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The announcement sets forth five criteria to receive deferred action:

  • Must have come to the US before he turned 16;
  • Must have not yet turned 31 when the application is submitted; 
  • Must have continuously resided in the US since June 15, 2007, and must have been physically present in the US in June 15, 2012;
  • Must be currently enrolled in school, or have received a high school diploma or the equivalent GED, or been honorably discharged from the US Armed Forces or the Coast Guard;
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony, a “significant misdemeanor,” multiple misdemeanor offenses, or otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety.  Anyone applying for deferred action would need to go through a criminal background check.

In this two-page Fact Sheet, you will find additional information about the Deferred Action Announcement, criteria, and what you can do next.  Secretary Janet Napolitano's initial memo also clarifies that youth who are detained or in deportation proceedings should immediately request this benefit. 

In the meantime, please review the information on this page and call CHIRLA if you have additional questions:  (888) 624-4752. The California Dream Network, CHIRLA's statewide youth branch, has been organizing free informational activties for the community.  Call and ask about the next activity near you.    (Hotline Numbers to report fraud, to call DHS, or USCIS).

GET HELP FROM OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS:  click here to download a list of organizations and public events.



Step #1:  Orientation

We are conducting general orientations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10 am and 3 pm.  On Thursday, we conduct orientations at 1pm and 6 pm.  No orientations on Friday.  These orientations are free of charge. Due to limited sitting, we will only serve limited number of people at a time. If needed we will distribute tickets in order of arrival at 9am. You can also make appointments.  You must go through an orientation first before you move on to Step #2.

Contact CHIRLA at (213) 353-1333.  Please be patient because volume of calls is high.

Visit our office at 2533 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA  90057


Step #2:  Document Review Session

After your orientation, you will be given an appointment to review your documentation packet.   Please bring all original documents to this session.  Appointments are being given every hour starting August 27, 2012.

If all is well, you will be able to complete your application with the help of a trained Fellow and you will be able to submit it along with your $465 check or money order payable to the immigration office.

If more documentation is required, you will be given a second appointment to come back to complete your application process.


Step #3:  Application completion

Once your documentation is deemed complete, a CHIRLA Fellow will make coopies of all your documents, will help you complete the application, and will give you a completed package which you will have to mail to USCIS.


Step #4:  Follow up

If your application requires additional follow up, the CHIRLA fellow will be available for you and help you with the necessary next steps.



USCIS requires a $465 one-time payment for processing of your application, work permit application, and fingerprints plus pictures.

CHIRLA's Fee is $40 for application review. and $100 for application processing.

CHIRLA members receive a $20 and $20 discount from application review and application processing respectively.

CHIRLA discounted membership is $25 a year.  You can apply for membership in person or through our website at


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