CHIRLA's Know Your Rights DVD

CHIRLA’s new Know Your Rights! DVD is now available for distribution!

Know Your Rights! is a strong informative tool for schools, community groups, legal professionals, and the community in general. The DVD will help English, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean speaking communities know exactly what to do in case of a raid or police intervention. Order now! Bulk pricing available. To order, <click here to download the order form. To pay with a credit card online, read this. Download the "Rights Card," as seen in the DVD! Descargue la "Tarjeta de sus Derechos" como se ve en el vídeo! Preview the entire DVD here for free! ***DVD NEWS UPDATE!*** 9/5/07 CHILRLA's KYR DVD is being used across the country in Know Your Rights trainings. Read about how the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA ) lets immigrants know their rights in this Boston Globe article. CHIRLA's Know Your Rights! DVD was featured on Univision's "Aqui y Ahora" show! Click here to watch a video clip of the show. For more information about the DVD, keep reading.

About the Know Your Rights! DVD Know Your Rights! stars professional actors and immigrants role playing scenarios to demonstrate what to do in case of a raid, an arrest (or attempted arrest) at their homes, or when experiencing harassment from local police or immigration authorities. The film short is followed by "Farewell," a thirty second public service announcement that points to the tragedy of mother-child separation resulting from our broken immigration system. This ad urges viewers to call their senators and tell them that families belong together and to pass fair immigration reform.

How is the Know Your Rights! DVD helpful?

  • It shows exactly what to do in case of a raid or arrest in a compelling, believable, and entertaining way.
  • It explains the details of arrest and search warrants, points out basic and vital rights, and instructs viewers how to use a Know Your Rights card.
  • It directs viewers to seek appropriate legal representation.
  • It has both Spanish and English audio and is subtitled in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Korean.
  • It is followed by Farewell; the call-to-action PSA urging viewers to call their senators and ask them to pass fair immigration reform.

How can you use the Know Your Rights! DVD?

  • Share it with your colleagues, friends, and families to learn about what your rights are and how to protect yourselves.
  • Use it as a teaching tool when teaching civil rights and liberties, American law, American immigration policy, or immigrant studies.
  • Use it as part of your work/school/community presentation to support your next research paper or training.

Ordering Information Each Know Your Rights! DVD comes with a free Know Your Rights Card and support materials. Please print the attached order form and mail it to:

    CHIRLA Attn: Anike Tourse 2533 W. 3rd St., Suite 101 Los Angeles, CA 90057

If you would prefer to pay online, please use the order form to calculate your total, and then click here to pay. In the "Comments or dedication" section, please note "KYR DVD" and the quantity you are ordering. If you have any questions you may contact Anike Tourse in CHIRLA Media and Strategic Communications at (213) 353-1339 or at anike -at-

Know Your Rights! Preview