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Today, the Senate voted to consider a modified version of the DREAM Act (S.2205) on the floor. Unfortunately, this important legislation that would have benefited million of undocumented students failed to get the necessary votes to move forward. The Senate vote breakdown was 52 YES and 44-NO, needing 60 votes. This vote was VERY CLOSE; especially since 4 other Senators who have known to support the DREAM Act were absent.

There appears to be sufficient support from the Senate leaders to try again VERY SOON. We should be confident that if there is going to be a move to vote on this legislation and that it could happen within the next hours, or upcoming days.

Now more than ever, we need your calls to flood the Senate offices to release your frustration and demand that this legislation be passed THIS YEAR and that we cannot afford to end the year without it.

Call your Senators using the information below, and continue to hit REDIAL on your phone to also leave a message for Senators that opposed the DREAM Act and those that were absent!

Let’s show your Senators that we are serious about passing this legislation THIS YEAR.

Call: (800) 614-2803 and ask for your Senators by providing your zip code, or state (call between 6am-2pm)

Deliver the following message:
"I am calling because I am very disappointed that the Senate failed to move the DREAM Act forward, and to urge your office to support the passage of the DREAM Act this year. The dreams of millions of undocumented students cannot wait another year. I ask that you take leadership in passing the DREAM Act this year."

Follow this link to find out who voted on our favor, and who didn’t

We need you to commit to calling your Senators at least TWICE a day, every day. Call before leaving your home, before going to school, when you get to work, and during lunch. Here are some suggestions to help you stay on top of your calls:
-Store the toll-free (800) 614-2803 number in your PHONE. -Store the toll-free (800) 614-2803 number in your SPEED DIAL -Set up an ALARM in your phone and/or in your watch

Continuing actions: DREAM ACT NOW! Call and e-mail Speaker Nancy Pelosi and your Senators and tell them to pass the DREAM Act this year. CLICK HERE to e-mail Speaker Pelosi. CLICK HERE to e-mail your Senators. ICE Arrests New Sanctuary Mom. Call and e-mail them! CALL-IN ACTION ALERT CONGRESSWOMAN LUCILLE ROYBAL-ALLARD In support of the American DREAM Act What: Call Congresswoman Lucille Roybal Allard and urge her to take leadership in passing the American DREAM Act THIS YEAR! Why: Even though Congress failed to take leadership around Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the American DREAM Act can be passed this year allowing millions of students to continue their higher education and put them on a path towards citizenship. We need her to be active leader in making sure that this legislation passes this year.

How: Call her local office at (213) 628-9230 and deliver the following message: “The dreams of millions of undocumented students cannot wait another year. We need the American DREAM Act, H.R. 1275, to pass this year. We thank you for your continued support for this legislation, but only with your active leadership in the House of Representatives will the dreams of undocumented students become a reality. I urge you to be a leader for undocumented students and a leader for the American DREAM Act”.

Write and call your CA State Senator and tell them to pass a budget that protects vulnerable families. -Write your Senators in support of the DREAM Act! - Call Your Senators and Tell them: “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Needs to Put Families First! Families need legalization with a path to citizenship and an end to the backlog!” - Call Your Senators to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. - Urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass the DREAM Act this year. - Education for A Better Nation: Support the DREAM Act!

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