CHIRLA Celebrates Dreamer Immigration Relief, Calls on Permanent Solution

[PARA DETALLES EN ESPANOL, FAVOR VER AQUI]  On Tuesday, CHIRLA thanked President Obama, the Dream-campaign participants throughout the United States, and the families of the students who have struggled for so long to bravely come 

out of the shadows as immigrant Americans.  

On Friday, June 15, President Obama announced that effectively immediately, young immigrants who arrived to the US before their 16th birthday, are younger than 31 years of age, and have lived continuously in the country during the past five years, will receive immigration relief and a work permit.  The process to apply has not been described but DHS and USCIS have announced that more is to come in approximately 60 days.

At a well-attended press event with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, CHIRLA informed parents and students about the directive's general requirements, encouraged families and students to begin documenting their stay in the United States, and cautioned that unscrupolous attorneys and notarios may prey on them with dishonest promises.  No one should submit any paperwork for now.  No waiting-list exists and no one can get ahead of the line for a special price.  

The press event was hosted by CHIRLA and immigrant attorneys Victor Nieblas (AILA) and Jessica Dominguez (LA Family Unity Commission) were available to answer legal questions. More than 40 dreamers were available to share their stories with press outlets who attended.

Below, some pictures from Tuesday's press event.