Statement: Immigration Bill for Minors Misses Boat


Immigration Bill for Minors Misses Boat
Senate immigration bill for young immigrants may be well intentioned but fails to address family unity

Los Angeles – On Tuesday, Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Jon Kyl from Texas and Arizona respectively introduced the ACHIEVE Act, an immigration bill for minors that would provide undocumented young immigrants with a W-1 visa granted they meet certain requirements. The bill falls short of guaranteeing a pathway to citizenship. The following is a statements for Angelica Salas, executive director for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a regional immigrant rights organization with national impact, based in Los Angeles.

“The immigration bill for minors introduced today by Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas and Jon Kyl from Arizona is a maiden attempt by Republicans to address a key Latino and immigrant voter mandate in the November 6 election. 

The ACHIEVE Act may be well intentioned but it fails to bring out of the shadows the more than five million families who live and work in this country without the proper authorization and misses a chance to introduce a blueprint to apply for citizenship in the future.  We also miss the point of the bill in its current form given the ‘deferred action’ immigration policy change put in place by President Obama June 15.

A common-sense, just and humane approach to immigration reform would leave no one behind, address the family separation crisis and court backlogs, and set a path to citizenship.  We urge Democrats and Republicans to continue to work together to find a serious approach that will help these young immigrants and their families.”