Call to California Senators to Support the TRUST Act (AB 1081)

STEP 1: Find out who your California State Senator is.

STEP 2: Place your calls using this suggested script:

"Hello.  My name is ________________, and I’m calling to express my strong support for the TRUST Act (AB 1081).
The out-of-control ICE “Secure” Communities or S-Comm deportation program is destroying trust and transparency between all communities and the local police, making us less safe and burdening our local governments.

The TRUST Act will rebuild the community trust in law enforcement that S-Comm has shattered and ease the program’s unfair burden on local governments.

Can we count on Senator ______ to vote YES when this bill comes before him/her?  Thank you."

STEP 3: Fill out this form to record your call.

TRUST Act (AB 1081) Summary

Specifically, the TRUST Act would:

  • Set a clear, minimum standard for local governments not to submit to ICE’s requests to detain people for deportation unless the individual has a serious or violent felony conviction.
  • Guard against profiling and wrongful detention of citizens and crime victims. Jurisdictions that do choose to detain people with serious convictions for deportation will develop common-sense plans to make sure others aren’t swept up.
  • The TRUST Act heals S-Comm’s damaging impact by limiting burdensome immigration detentions in our local jails.
  • S-Comm has continued to be plagued with scandal. Recent reports have slammed the program over profiling and wrongful detentions and found S-Comm’s flaws are part and parcel of the program.
  • The TRUST Act protects against the wasteful incarceration of those who would otherwise be released, held for no other reason than ICE’s out of balance priorities. People shouldn’t be whisked into ICE’s hands before they’ve even had their day in court.