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Alina Wesby

Legal Assistant Family Unity

Alina Wesby was born in South Los Angeles raised by her mother who is first generation and her grandparents who migrated from Mexico. Her Grandfather always made it clear that education was fundamental to her growth in social status and overall upward mobility. Her father, who migrated from Belize, always made her aware of the difficulties that Afro Latinos in her community face. One of those difficulties being colorism and its significant impact on the treatment of Afro Latinos in society.  

Alina began her involvement in pursing her legal career as a volunteer at CHIRLA in the Legal Service Department over the summer, assisting during immigration clinics. She later obtained a position as a Legal Assistant for Family Unity where she is working directly with attorneys. She is currently pursuing her B.S in Philosophy and has hopes to attend law school in the near future. Alina is honored to join this organization and eager to play a role in sustaining CHIRLAs mission towards progressive social change.