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Christopher Sanchez

Policy Advocate

Christopher Sanchez is a Policy Advocate based in the Sacramento office where he is responsible for moving CHIRLA’s state legislative agenda forward by lobbying members of the State Legislature, state agencies, and other policy making bodies that impact the lives of immigrants. He was first introduced to politics when he played a significant role in a community effort to preserve historical Chicano murals in the town that he lives in, Fullerton California, that were at risk of being removed as they were deemed “gang related” for depicting lowriders. Since then Mr. Sanchez has gained extensive experience having worked as a legislative aide in the state legislature and on numerous issue oriented and political campaigns including two local campaigns in North Orange County of Latino candidates who both received the most votes in their respective races in at-large elections. Christopher joined CHIRLA in January of 2016, but has been a member of the organization since 2010 when he became active in the California Dream Network (CDN).