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Cristina Reynoso


Coming from working with a private law firm and witnessing how exploitative attorneys who just want to make money can be, I wanted to be a part of an org. that takes into consideration the compassion and strength it takes to deal with immigrants in this political climate. 

Previously, I was working taking declarations of unaccompanied minors and asylum seekers. Hearing their stories and reliving their traumas for an opportunity at staying in this country, groomed me to continue work amongst a low income community; my community. Additionally, at CHIRLA, I am now working with USCIS more than Immigration Court.

I was a Spanish Language major in College and that influenced my decision to complete a post-bac program for legal interpretation and translation. Having well trained interpreters is important. Accessibility for our community is important.

I enjoy Malibu, my dog, writing short stories, weekend trips, and my solitude.