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Daisy Sandoval

Legal Assistant

Daisy Sandoval was born in the San Fernando Valley. As a daughter of undocumented immigrants I always lived in fear of my parents being deported. I knew that the only way I could help my community was working really hard and pursuing higher education. I graduated from UCLA in June 2018, with a double major in Political Science and Global Studies. I hope to continue my education by attending law school and becoming an immigration attorney.

I wanted to work at CHIRLA because of how vital the services we provide to the community are. I wanted to work in a space that uplifts and empowers people that are under served and underrepresented.

My hobbies and interests include reading, visiting museums, watching documentaries and travelling. I love to constantly learn things that I knew nothing about before. I also love to spend time outdoors; camping, hiking, and especially spending time on the beach.