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Daniel S. Alva

Regional Field Coordinator San Fernando Valley

Born in Toluca, Mexico, Mexico, Daniel Alva (He/Him/His) is part of CHIRLA’s Community Education and Outreach Team, serving the diverse communities’ of the San Fernando Valley.

Alva is a current DACA recipient who at the age of 7, arrived in Northern California to be reunited with his immediate family. Alva, his parents and his two younger siblings’ makeup one of the many mixed status families fighting for family unification and an end to deportations.

Inspired by the organizing efforts made by undocumented folks across the nation that won Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) from the Obama administration, Alva joined the California Dream Network (CDN) and became part of the group’s steering committee at the 2014 San Jose City College Statewide Retreat. He served for two one-year terms where the group organized college students across California to petition for On-Campus Undocumented & AB540 Student Centers, educate staff and other students about DACA, the California Dream Act and navigating higher education as an undocumented student. The group also advocated and lobbied for Driver Licenses for qualified California residents (AB60) and other immigration related relief. In 2017, Alva moved to the city of Los Angeles after spending two years studying grassroots, community-based movements in Sacramento and The Bay Area. Later that year, he took part in lobbying efforts for the #CleanDREAMact with CHIRLA and was one of the 13 fasters in the #Fast4DREAM action. Alva now lives in the San Fernando Valley where he serves as Regional Coordinator.

Alva is an advocate of critical pedagogy and popular education, recognizing that access to education and information is essential to the wellbeing of our beautiful immigrant and refugee communities.