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Edgar Aguilar

Membership Manager

Edgar G. Aguilar is a proud first-generation immigrant from Mexico City, Mexico.

As the Membership Manager at CHIRLA, Edgar aims to increase and inform our membership base by connecting our community of immigrants and allies with the plethora of benefits and services that CHIRLA offers while strongly advocating for the rights of immigrants of all ethnic and social backgrounds.

Prior to joining CHIRLA, Edgar lead the Marketing and Communications Department at AAGLA, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, a centennial organization representing the mom-and-pop housing providers. He also worked at USC -his Alma Mater- as a Supervisor and Fundraiser for the Office of Annual Giving, Call Center. Additionally, Edgar has experience in cross-platform, multi-channel networks; he worked at Fullscreen Media, an American entertainment company and global network offering creative services to social media influencers, content creators, and brands.

Edgar is a passionate social justice advocate, cinephile, and artist.