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Jorge Galindo

He is one of CHIRLA' s very own Youth Organizing program (California Dream Network) success stories. He has advocated and organized organizations accross the state of California for undocumented student rights. Eventually leading to him being a key component in the establishment of a city wide resolution to protect immigrants in Glendale CA and an AB540 Resource Center at Glendale Community College. Today he continues his advocacy as the founder and president of the Asociación por el Éxito y Educación Comunitaria del Estado de México (AEECEM) and Vice President of the Federación Mexiquense. He has successfully helped 50+ Senior Citizens reunite with their beloved families after decades of separation. 
Jorge continues to pursue his education at California State University Los Angeles and seeks to attend law school in the near future. When he is not working with the community he spends time writing music and convincing people string theory is real even if it is not experimentaly provable... yet.