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Katelyn Brazer

Regional Field Coordinator Orange County

Katelyn Brazer is from Costa Mesa, a diverse city in Orange County with a history of immigrant rights struggles. She studied International Studies and Sociology, receiving her B.A. in Liberal Arts from Soka University. Continuing her research, she received her M.A. in Ethnic Conflict Studies from Queen’s University Belfast in 2012. Katelyn’s research explores the influence of a dominant colorblind racist culture on popular U.S. immigration policy narratives and the challenges in advancing immigrant rights while rejecting colorblind ideology and rhetoric. Since 2012, she has been a strong ally and advocate within the local Orange County immigrant rights movement. In 2013 Katelyn joined CHIRLA to lead our community education and outreach efforts in the OC region. Her dream for Orange County is that local school districts and colleges will recognize the need for and create powerful system-wide structures to inform staff, advocates, students, families and the community about immigrant rights programs and resources. She believes our outreach in OC has been instrumental in creating the conversations and space for such county wide changes to occur.