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Over four years, all of us watched Donald Trump use cruelty and racism to divide our country, tear apart immigrant families, and deprive asylum seekers of due process. With the assault on the Capitol, we saw that his ultimate plan is to destroy our government.

But we can choose a new vision for this country, one in which immigrants are welcome, not trampled; in which justice rules and xenophobia withers; in which families of every color thrive rather than suffer.

That is why we urge the Biden administration and Congress to immediately protect immigrants who build up this country and this democracy even as white supremacists try to destroy it. To transform our nation’s immigration system, they must:  

PETITION: YES to Immigrants Forward Agenda  

In November 2020, our diverse majority made good on the promise of the United States of America by turning out to vote for justice. As we embark on a new journey, we urge the new Biden administration to:
It’s time to recover from the nightmare of the Trump administration, to heal this nation from the twin health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to bring to account those that have tried to tear our democracy down as we forge a new immigration system.
As immigrants, we have the tools to build a safe, welcoming home here. We can say YES to Immigrants, but we will have to work hard to turn back the dark forces seeking to destroy this democracy. If you support the above measures, sign the petition! We aim to collect 25,000 signatures by May 1 to present to the Biden administration and congressional leadership.
If you believe in saying YES to immigrants, sign below!


En noviembre de 2020, nuestra diversa mayoría hizo valer la promesa de los Estados Unidos de América saliendo a las urnas y votando por la justicia. Según emprendemos una nueva travesía, urgimos a la nueva administración Biden que:
Es hora de recuperarse de la pesadilla de la administración Trump, de curar a esta nación de las crisis gemelas de salud y economía causadas por la pandemia de COVID-19, y de responsabilizar a aquellos que han intentado derribar nuestra democracia, mientras forjamos un nuevo sistema de inmigración.
Como inmigrantes, tenemos las herramientas para construir un hogar seguro y acogedor, aquí. Les podemos decir SÍ a los Inmigrantes, pero deberemos trabajar duro para replegar las fuerzas oscuras que buscan destruir nuestra democracia. Si usted apoya estas medidas, ¡firme la petición! Esperamos recaudar 25,000 firmas para el 1ro de mayo para presentárselas a la administración Biden y al liderazgo del Congreso.

Si usted les dice SÍ a los inmigrantes, ¡firme abajo!


Join Us to say
Yes to immigrants

It is our constituency that is made up of members, volunteers, and partners that make YES to Immigrants possible. Join us. 

Immigrants Forward

For decades, this country has sent a one-word message to immigrants: no. Even as it accepts our labor, this nation says no to our families. As it accepts our ingenuity, it says no to our dignity. As it accepts our sacrifice, it says no to our freedom. Immigrants won't take no for an answer anymore. They are tired of being shut out of this democracy as they keep the nation’s essential gears moving. They made a down payment on freedom in coming here, and they want to close the deal with legalization and dignity.




  • We demand an end to deportations and detention of our community
  • We demand the rollback of every Trump administration
    measure attacking immigrants
  • We demand a humane immigration reform bill on Day 1
  • We demand COVID-19 relief for immigrants
2020-12-15 YES to Immigrants Forward Launch13


  1. Providing immediate protection for immigrants and their families. 
  2. Recognizing citizenship with humanity and dignity for all immigrants. 
  3. Safeguarding family unity as a cornerstone of immigration. 
  4. Upholding constitutional, human, and civil rights of all immigrants. 
  5. Strengthening the labor rights of all immigrant workers. 
  6. Rolling back and overseeing immigration enforcement programs. 
  7. Advancing immigrant integration. 
  8. The future flow of migration. 
  9. Fostering a humane foreign policy & engaging as an active good global citizen. 
  10. Recognizing immigration as necessary for the revitalization of the American economy. 

100 stories in
100 days

At its best, our immigrant rights movement is a mosaic of people's stories. When we tell these stories, we forge a new kind of history, one that mirrors the inclusive, just society we want to live in. These are the stories of the everyday immigrant heroes who validate this country's ideals and, in a very practical way, keep it running, even if they themselves stay in the background.

With 100 Stories in 100 Days, we bring these stories forward, to celebrate immigrants' contributions and existence, and to show the Congress and President Biden whose future they have in their hands as they craft an immigration reform plan.

View all stories HERE

Attend an

Details to come.


From March 1 to March 5, we talked to congress representatives from CA and ask them not only for their vote in support of immigration reform when the time comes, but also to take action NOW and help us shepherd YES Immigrants Forward demands!

On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, the YES to Immigrants Coalition MADE SOME NOISE at LAX to celebrate the end of the four-year-old Muslim ban and to resolutely say YES to Refugees.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the day before the Biden inauguration, partners got together for a live-streamed interfaith service to recognize immigrant families affected by COVID-19 and to guide the new administration's path toward immigrant justice.

On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, caravans from different regions of the state came together in front of Republican U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy to let him know immigrants are no longer taking no for an answer.

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