On May Day 2021, we note that #TheWorkContinues: for workers' liberation, for immigrant justice, and for a more just society that includes all peoples, genders, creeds, and economic situations, providing for the needs and claims of everyone. Join the community organizations doing the work, and lift up justice for all!

Join us at 10 a.m. at Los Angeles State Historic Park for this year’s celebration honoring immigrant workers and demanding their voices be heard! This year’s event includes a socially distanced march to City Hall and a caravan that will wind around downtown Los Angeles.

Presented by the Los Angeles May Day Coalition

El Primero de Mayo de 2021, afirmamos que #LaLuchaSigue: por la liberación de los trabajadores, por la justicia para los inmigrantes, y por una sociedad más justa que incluye a todos los pueblos, géneros, credos y situaciones económicas, satisfaciendo las necesidades y reclamos de todos. Únase a las organizaciones comunitarias que hacen este trabajo, y ¡retomemos la justicia para todos!
¡Acompáñenos a las 10 a.m. en Los Ángeles State Historic Park este año para honrar a los trabajadores inmigrantes y exigir que se escuche su voz! El evento de este año incluye una marcha a distancia al ayuntamiento y una caravana que recorrerá el centro de Los Ángeles.
Presentado por la Coalición 1ro de Mayo de Los Ángeles

For more than 20 years, CHIRLA and its local coalition partners have marched on May 1 for the rights of immigrants and workers, commemorating the traditional International Workers’ Day. In 2006, more than a million people converged in downtown Los Angeles for the largest immigrant rights marches the city has ever seen, and the following May Day featured a nationwide sickout called A Day Without an Immigrant.

May Day has become a Los Angeles tradition and a time when we recognize the contributions of organized labor and immigrants to our city, our state and our country.