The Know Your Rights Series

Know Your Rights is a dramatized film series about undocumented immigrants protecting tthemselves in encounters with police or immigration authorities. Each film can be used alone or in conjunction with the others in presentations followed by discussions on the ways in which immigrants can use their own agency.


Deep-rooted in Los Angeles (the epicenter of immigrant life in the United States), CHIRLA TV is the immigrant voice seeking to educate and empower the community, with a discussion of topics that affect us. In a nation built by immigrants, with a strong history of diversity and integration, this program’s commitment is to celebrate and honor the immigrant experience in all its many facets. Every week, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) raises a different topic with guests who represent the immigrant voice.

You can watch all of CHIRLA TV’s episodes by going to chirlavideos on YouTube or visiting LATV.


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