CHIRLA Liberty Film, led by CHIRLA ED Angelica Salas, is the Executive Producing Organization behind the Know Your Rights film series; three films that focus on empowering audiences with rights information and insights into the undocumented immigrant and mixed status family experience. The first short film in the series “Know Your Rights/Conoce tus Derechos” has been regarded as the standard bearer for Rights curriculum training nationwide. The second short film in this series, "America; I Too," educates immigrant audiences on how to proceed in the event of arrest and deportation, while delivering a moving story with relatable characters for non-immigrant and immigrant audiences alike . Our first short film, “Know Your Rights,” had great success providing thousands of Know Your Rights cards that our viewers could take with them following screenings or print from our website. To this day thousands of migrants use this card to present to authorities as a mode of self-protection and a way to keep attorney information on hand. This series shows how undocumented immigrants can protect themselves when encountering law enforcement. This is a three-part series, with our first ever feature film winning several awards in its film festival debut.


Our Projects

America’s Family

“This fictional short film shares the interconnected stories of three arrested and detained immigrants who navigate the broken system as they attempt to prevent their deportation from the country they call home. The film is based on real testimonies and experiences.”

America; I Too

The fictional short film about three immigrants who meet in detention as they navigate a broken immigration system, expanded our capacity to tell immigrant stories.

Know Your Rights/ Conoce to Tus Derechos

CHIRLA’s Know-Your-Rights video, created in the 1990s, is one of our most effective tools to show thousands of families how to protect themselves when immigration officials come to their homes or workplaces. Its message is current even today.