CHIRLA has teamed up with CHIRLA Films to bring to live a dramatized film series about undocumented immigrant called Know Your Rights. This series shows how undocumented immigrants can protect themselves when encountering law enforcement. This a two-part series with a third part on the works.  If you have a public library card, you can go to or to watch the film.



Know Your Rights/ Conoce to Tus Derechos

CHIRLA’s Know-Your-Rights video, created in the 1990s, is one of our most effective tools to show thousands of families how to protect themselves when immigration officials come to their homes or workplaces. Its message is current even today.

America; I Too

The fictional short film about three immigrants who meet in detention as they navigate a broken immigration system, expanded our capacity to tell immigrant stories.

America’s Family

The newest film by CHIRLA in the “Know-Your-Rights” series. This feature film tells the story of how, on a fine fall day, a knock on the door brings deportation to the Diaz family, tearing them apart. And yet, each member of the family eventually finds a way through the crisis, discovering unexpected reserves of love and faith along the way.