CHIRLA has teamed up with CHIRLA Films to bring to live a dramatized film series about undocumented immigrant called Know Your Rights. This series shows how undocumented immigrants can protect themselves when encountering law enforcement. This a two-part series with a third part on the works.  If you have a public library card, you can go to or to watch the film.


Our Projects

Know Your Rights/ Conoce to Tus Derechos

A short trilogy of stories that dramatizes Know Your Rights when facing immigration and the police in your community and workplace.

America; I Too

A short CHIRLA film that dramatizes “Know-Your-Rights” series that dramatizes detention centers. Available for the community..

America’s Family

The newest film by CHIRLA in the “Know-Your-Rights” series. This feature film tells the story of five members of a family torn by deportation, and the ways they pull together to heal after a raid upends their lives (IN PRODUCTION). Please think about donating to help us complete this film!