We believe part of full immigrant integration is helping them realize their political voice and instill them with a culture of voting, participating civically, and using the democracy that is theirs.

We believe voting is only the beginning of this participation, and so we commit through electoral projects, candidate interactions, and involvement in our issue advocacy to make voters who know the system and stay engaged for life.

CHIRLA’s Civic Engagement Ballot

  • Recognize immigrant voters as a great untapped force in American politics, and activate them
  • Instill a culture of empowered civic action among all immigrants, regardless of legal status, so they participate in their local, state and national politics even when they cannot vote
  • Reach out, engage and educate voters in our base whom candidates and parties tend to ignore: new Americans, infrequent voters, rural residents, Latinos and English learners
  • Conduct a continuing conversation with this built-from-scratch voter base, to expand their confidence as democratic actors and advocates for their own interests

Immigrant Political Power Project
2022 CA General Election

Ballot Recommendations

Eng - Ballot
SPN - Ballot