Immigrants at theState level:

CHIRLA aims to make California a pro-immigrant model for the rest of the nation. We advance state laws and budget proposals that acknowledge immigrant contributions, improve integration, reform the criminal justice system, incorporate a due process for everyone, rebuild trust between law enforcement and immigrants, and increase educational opportunities for immigrants.


Policy and Advocacy'sState Goals:

  • Food Security 
  • ONE California Program
  • Access to Healthcare
  •  Investment in Higher Education
  • $8 million towards Enhanced Services Program for Asylees providing resettlement services for persons granted asylum.

State Budget

On January 8, 2021, Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced a $227 billion proposed budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The budget accounts for stronger revenues than expected resulting from bigger gains for corporations and high-income earners.

We recognize the governor's allocation of $14 billion in COVID-19 relief that can help immigrant communities. However, the economic consequences of the pandemic require the state to reimagine its investments and explore visionary budget investments. Read more about this HERE.

Immigrants byThe Numbers


About 10.7 million immigrants live in California, the most in the nation at 27.3 percent of the population. Of those, 5.3 million are naturalized citizens, 2.2 million are legal permanent residents, and nearly 2.5 million are undocumented. Of the undocumented, 87 percent have been in the country for five years or more. The Golden State is also home to the most people with DACA in the nation, at nearly 223,000, and the most people with TPS. Forty-seven percent of California’s children live with an immigrant parent, and 16 percent of those parents are undocumented, while 81 percent of their children are citizens.




For decades, this country has sent a one-word message to immigrants: no. Even as it accepts our labor, this nation says no to our families. As it accepts our ingenuity, it says no to our dignity. As it accepts our sacrifice, it says no to our freedom. Immigrants won't take no for an answer anymore. They are tired of being shut out of this democracy as they keep the nation’s essential gears moving. They made a down payment on freedom in coming here, and they want to close the deal with legalization and dignity.