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For the past year, the Yes to Immigrants Forward campaign has worked to include a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants in legislation that looked likely to pass in Congress. In CHIRLA’s 35th year of existence, we resolved to make this the year for broad legalization that could bring people out of the shadows who powered this country’s economy for decades. 

The bills that emerged as likely to pass in a deeply divided Congress were those related to the budget: the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the more expansive Build Back Better package. 

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The registry has existed for nearly a century but was last updated in the Reagan era. An update through HR 8433: Renewing Immigration Provisions of the Immigration Act of 1929 could normalize the system and let at least 8 million people who contributed for years to this country come out of the shadows.

Setting a new registry date requires no new legislation and lets undocumented residents integrate into the nation they have been part of sometimes for decades. If we move it closer to 2022, we begin to calm the strife over immigration



CHIRLA released the results of a poll conducted among 1,314 undocumented immigrants about the next steps towards a path to citizenship.  The poll results overwhelmingly speak to the demand from immigrant communities that Congress must deliver on its promise to win a path to citizenship for as many as possibly by all means available.  Such a path, respondents said, begins with green cards, not temporary solutions.   The paths ahead for Congressional leaders can still make it possible for the Biden Administration to deliver on a major promise and do right for immigrants.

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Across the country, immigrants have been organizing and speaking up about their dreams for the day when finally this country recognizes them as the Americans they already are. CHIRLA members and their allies are now calling on the Senate to pass the access to permanent residency that the House failed to add to #BuildBack Better.

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  • A broad path to citizenship for the 11 million that begins with access to permanent residency
  • An end to immigrant deportations and detention, and a general rollback of enforcement
  • Immediate protections that safeguard the unity of immigrant families
  • Respect for the human and civil rights of all immigrants
  • Strong labor protections for immigrant workers
  • A framework for immigrant integration that recognizes migration as key to American economic vitality
  • A plan to fairly manage the future flow of migration
  • A humane foreign policy supported by good global citizenship
  • COVID-19 relief for all immigrants

100 stories in
100 days

At its best, our immigrant rights movement is a mosaic of people's stories. When we tell these stories, we forge a new kind of history, one that mirrors the inclusive, just society we want to live in. These are the stories of the everyday immigrant heroes who validate this country's ideals and, in a very practical way, keep it running, even if they themselves stay in the background.

With 100 Stories in 100 Days, we bring these stories forward, to celebrate immigrants' contributions and existence, and to show the Congress and President Biden whose future they have in their hands as they craft an immigration reform plan.