Fighting forChange

We work with community leaders to challenge the status quo and make real change in this country.

Promovemos políticas en todos los niveles de gobierno que invierten en inmigrantes y refugiados. Eso significa impulsar los derechos civiles, los derechos de los trabajadores, la equidad económica y la justicia ambiental para todos.

Our Policy Priorities

  • Win equal protection for immigrants
  • Challenge anti-immigrant legislation
  • Reduce immigration enforcement
  • Invest in immigrant communities


Federal: Earned Residency Date/ Fecha de Residencia Meritoria

Several bills now in Congress grant legal status and a path to citizenship to various groups, including people with DACA, people with TPS, farmworkers, and essential workers. But the Immigration and Nationality Act has long had a tool by which the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can grant lawful admission for a green card to certain immigrants.


State: AB221

AB 221is a vehicle to move the policy through the legislature while we also push the Governor and legislature to support a budget ask to ensure that $800 million for emergency food assistance, regardless of immigration status, is included in the 2021-2022 budget.  Passage of AB 221 will send a strong signal from the Assembly to the Senate and Administration that this is a priority for our communities. 



2021-03-31 Vaccination Clinic3

Local: Immigrants Are L.A.; A just recovery for all

The Immigrant Integration Task Force urges Los Angeles County supervisors to use American Rescue Plan funding to help ALL Angelinos, regardless of status, in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Immigrants ARE Los Angeles County: 35 percent of those who live in L.A. County are immigrants and the overwhelming majority have lived here a decade or more. Their consumer base spends almost $109 billion dollars each year and pays $38 billion in taxes.



At the federal level, CHIRLA advocates for humane, comprehensive and inclusive immigration reform. We ensure federal policies protect immigrants, challenge anti-immigrant legislation, work to reduce immigration enforcement, and seek investment in immigrant communities.


CHIRLA aims to make California a pro-immigrant model for the rest of the nation. We advance state laws and budget proposals that acknowledge immigrant contributions, improve integration, reform the criminal justice system, incorporate due process for everyone, rebuild trust between law enforcement and immigrants, and increase education opportunities for immigrants.


CHIRLA’s regional work advances city and county policies that protect immigrant rights, encourage integration, improve economic opportunities and build civic engagement. At this level, we also work to protect our community by disentangling local police from federal immigration enforcers.



Al Día with CHIRLA is a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on the policy initiatives and campaigns that CHIRLA supports, including the YES to Immigrants Agendas. We have organized it into federal, state, and local sections so you can read more detailed reports in the attached links.

Action Center

Yesto immigrants forward

For decades, this country has sent a one-word message to immigrants: no. Even as it accepts our labor, this nation says no to our families. As it accepts our ingenuity, it says no to our dignity. As it accepts our sacrifice, it says no to our freedom. Immigrants won't take no for an answer anymore. They are tired of being shut out of this democracy as they keep the nation’s essential gears moving. They made a down payment on freedom in coming here, and they want to close the deal with legalization and dignity.

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