Policy and Advocacy


Policy advocacy is a key component of any effort to bring about systemic change. Pressing for federal, state and local immigration policies that promote and protect the human and civil rights of immigrants has always been a critical part of the work of the staff, members, volunteers and community partners of CHIRLA. Whether it’s visiting and educating legislators or administrative agencies, empowering community members to civically engage, or researching and tracking changes in immigration law, CHIRLA’s advocacy work continues to be a progressive voice that promotes economic justice for immigrants in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

CHIRLA’s Policy and Advocacy Program is divided into three key areas: Federal, State and Local Policy and Advocacy.

Under its Federal work, CHIRLA advocates for humane and comprehensive immigration reform along with its national and regional networks. Other than working towards immigration reform at the national level, CHIRLA also works on specific issues such as detention, due process and policy advocacy geared towards challenging anti-immigrant legislation. Click here for more information about CHIRLA's Federal Work

CHIRLA’s State Policy work aims to address and advocate for major immigrant access issues and immigrant workers rights. As part of the California Immigrant Policy Center, the State Policy Advocate works closely with the collaborative partners' policy staff to discuss and develop recommendations, alerts, and policy pieces for dissemination to policy makers. In addition, the State Policy Advocate conducts policy research and monitors legislation impacting immigrant rights and conditions. Click here for more information about CHIRLA's State Work

A more focused Local Policy work is CHIRLA’s latest attempt to address the heightened trend towards local enforcement – a trend the US government justifies as necessary in order to address the vacuum left by the absence of genuine and comprehensive immigration reform. Over and above local enforcement issues, CHIRLA also works towards the creation of local policies and regulations that are aimed at protecting the rights of immigrants, facilitating their access to services available to them in Los Angeles and assisting them in fully integrating into American society. The Local Policy Coordinator works with CHIRLA’s Southern California partners and networks in pursuing these goals.

CHIRLA has released a series of fact sheets on immigration and its enforcement at the local level. These fact sheets addresses “Special Order 40” which takes a look at an LAPD policy that helps prevent discrimination against immigrants. The second flier, “The 287(g) Program in Southern California” takes a critical look at agreements between local law enforcement and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The third flier "Beyond Myths and Stereotypes" shares information from recent academic research which demonstrates that immigrants have low rates of crime in California, in Los Angeles, and across the nation.