In California, domestic workers such as nannies, caregivers for the elderly and housekeepers are excluded from the enforcement of workplace health and safety rules. Through State Senator Maria Elena Durazo’s leadership and the help of the National Domestic Workers Alliance are hoping to expand CA;/OSHA protections to these workers through the bill SB 1257. SB 1257 would remove the labor code exception that has denied domestic workers basic health protection. This id why CHIRLA has partner up with California’s Domestic Workers Coalition to pass SB 1257 The Health and Safety for All Workers Act.

Domestic workers are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. These workers serve those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, often without proper training or tools to protect themselves.  Meanwhile, they do not have a safety net to protect themselves. They do not have the right to the legal right to health and safety training and protective equipment and be protected against retaliation when they try to protect their own health and safety at work.

Domestic workers often have to make the tuff decision to work in unsafe conditions or go without income especially during this health crisis. This is why we need SB 1257 to give domestic workers the right to basic labor rights.

Join us in working to pass SB 1257, the Health and Safety for All Workers Act!

To learn how to get involved in this campaign contact Maru Galvan at