Wise Up! Scholarship Application

Since 2001, Wise Up!-a project of CHIRLA-has been the foundation of immigrant youth organizing in Los Angeles and across the state of California. Wise Up! was created when immigrant students began organizing and advocating for  the passage of AB 540-a California bill that allows students to pay in-state tuition regardless of their legal status. Ten years later, Wise Up! continues to be one of the few high school student-led groups focused on immigrant youth, and has now expanded to over ten high schools in Southern California. Wise Up! strives to work on promoting higher education amongst undocumented and immigrant students, as well as other issues that affect the immigrant community.   

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The California’s current education budgets cuts and tuition increases, immigrant youth are facing an even harder challenge to independently finance their education. Through Wise Up!’s extraordinary fundraising efforts, CHIRLA will be awarding (3) $500 scholarships for the 2011 school year to help California’s immigrant youth achieve their dreams and aspirations. The Wise Up! Scholarship will be awarded to three immigrant students, regardless of status, who excel in academics while actively engaged in his/her community in the fight for immigrant rights.

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