Press Statement: It's Time for Immigration Reform

Los Angeles – On Thursday, Arizona immigrant rights advocate Erika Andiola faced a battle greater than pressing for passage of the federal Dream Act: keep her mother and brother from being deported. Late in the evening Andiola reported ICE officers raided her home and detained her two family members who now face deportation. The following is CHIRLA’s statement.

"As President Obama readies the inaugural speech, reshuffles his Cabinet, and prepares to make tough decisions for the benefit of all Americans, we call on his Administration to take heed, hear the cries of desperation from millions of families who, this year alone, have been left torn apart and bereft because deportations of hard working mothers, workers, and students continues unabated.

Erika Andiola and his family represent one more immigrant American family that on Thursday night had to pick up the pieces ICE officers left behind. There is no law in this great land of ours that allows such indignity to take place without impunity. There should not be a President of the United States of America that allows it.

We call on President Obama to direct ICE Director John Morton to release Erika's family members immediately. We also call on our national leaders in Congress to begin the hard work of forging a path to citizenship to keep our families and our nation together. The time to wait has long passed."