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Ana Corleto

Payroll Administrator

Ana Corletto was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Her childhood was filled with both beautiful memories and those of civil unrest.  It was in 1981, that her parents decided to move to the United States in hopes of providing a more stable environment for Ana C Corleto and her siblings.  Ana was enrolled in Theodore Roosevelt High where she excelled in Mathematics and English. After completing high school, she continued her education at Los Angeles Community College and pursued a degree in Business Administration.  Soon after, she found work with companies such as Yoplait, Power One now ABB, Nestle Inc. which allowed her to further expand her knowledge and skills in the payroll field. Throughout her years in payroll, Ana has worked with other departments such as accounting and human resources.  Additionally she brings nearly twenty years of experience and an ability to work with a variety of software programs to her role in the CHIRLA payroll department.  Wanting to work and help minority communities she gravitated to CHIRLA, because she strongly believes in CHIRLA’s mission and its continuous devotion to giving back and building stronger communities.