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Grelia Vegas

Regional Field Coordinator South Los Angeles

Grelia Vegas is the South LA Regional Field Coordinator at CHIRLA. In this role, Grelia outreaches and educates South LA communities at schools, colleges, health centers, libraries, Los Angeles Police Department, churches and collaborates with other community organizations and elected officials.  Through her leadership and vision, Grelia was able to establish a social network in South LA as well as creating leader navigators to connect and empower more community members. Additionally, she also lectures at universities and gives presentations on topics such as early financial literacy, DACA, Know Your Rights, Citizenship Requirements, current Immigration Policies and Dream Act. 

Before, joining CHIRLA Grelia was a CSUN teacher’s aide and worked with first year students.  Grelia’s academic background includes a BA and Master’s degree in Political Science from California State University Northridge and a BA degree in Journalism from University of Piura-Peru. Grelia was a university teacher’s assistant in her native country Peru where she spent five years collaborating with teachers and lecturing students before coming to America.

She believes that education gives power and power gives a voice to bring social, political and economic changes in society. In her spare time she enjoys writing, traveling, practicing yoga and cooking with her son, Sam.