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Kathia Garcia

Youth Organizer – Wise Up!

Kathia Garcia and her family migrated to the United States more than 10 years ago. Kathia was raised in Lincoln Heights where she graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. After graduating from high school, Kathia decided to enroll in Glendale Community College where she joined VOICES, an undocumented student group. During her participation with VOICES, Kathia found out about CHIRLA and the work done by the organization to help undocumented families. In 2012, Kathia began her work at CHIRLA as an intern in the first California Dream Network Leadership Academy Program. In 2013, Kathia began working at CHIRLA’s Call Center as a phone operator for a national Comprehensive Immigration Reform Campaign.  During the following years, Kathia continued her involvement at CHIRLA as one of the California Dream Network youth leaders and in October of 2017 she was hired as the new Wise Up! Youth Organizer. Kathia graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology.